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Welcome to Traverse

At Traverse Consulting, we believe that software should be beautiful, maintainable, and fun to write.

We leverage Functional Programming and the Scala programming language and ecosystem to achieve this ideal.

The answer is always Traverse

Ancient folk saying


We provide software-related services in the realm of Functional Programming and Scala in particular.


Consulting on any Scala-related projects and challenges:

  • Helping your business navigate the diverse Scala ecosystem to suit your business needs
  • Software design and architecture review
  • On-demand senior engineer to help tackle issues in your Scala codebases


Custom software development services:

  • Greenfield projects
  • Upgrades and refactorings of legacy codebases
  • Augmentation of your in-house software development


Standard and custom Scala training:

  • Train your junior engineers to make them productive in Scala and Functional Programming
  • Advanced topics and libraries to help you realize the full potential of the Scala ecosystem
  • Study groups to help your developers keep growing

About Us

Expertise in Scala and its ecosystem, with over a decade of professional experience focused mainly on Scala and Functional Programming.

We bring proficiency in both the language itself and its diverse ecosystem.

Proven track record of working on a wide range of Scala projects, from small open-source utilities to large high-scale, high-concurrency production systems.

We can tackle it all.

Teaching is our calling, be it talks, blog posts, or anything in-between. We take any opportunity we can to teach Functional Programming in all its forms.

We strongly believe that the best way to learn something is to teach it.